It’s that time again for a new meal plan! This week we’ve also got a classic French-inspired dish ready for Bastille Day — bon appétit!

Monday: Salmon rolls

Salmon Rolls Easy Food
Start the week out right with this budget-friendly twist on the summer classic, lobster rolls.

Tuesday: Gluten-free chicken and waffles

Gluten free chicken and waffles
We love a brunch for dinner! While this dish may seem simple, the sweet, salty, crispy and pillow flavours and textures make it complex but not complicated.

Wednesday: Birria beef tacos

Birria beef tacos
Add some spice to your menu this week with these flavourful tacos!

Thursday: Smoked salmon quiche

Smoked salmon quiche Easy Food
Celebrate Bastille Day with this French-inspired dish!

Friday: Tuscan sausage and beans

Tuscan sausage and beans Easy Food
This filling dish is sure to keep you satisfied for anything you have planned to start the weekend!

Saturday: Summer ratatouille

Summer ratatouille Easy Food
Make the most of in-season veg in this light dish, ideal on its own with some crusty baguette for dipping, or served alongside grilled chicken or fish.

Saturday dessert: Orange rhubarb tart

Orange rhubarb tart Easy Food
Taste the summer with this tart topped with delicious citrus flavours.

Sunday: Veggie sausage and apple tray bake

Veggie sausage and apple tray bake
We love this for a dinner with a bunch of roast veg or as a Sunday brunch topped with eggs and served with mashed avocado and some chilled orange juice (or mimosas!).

Sunday dessert: Chocolate pecan pie

Chocoalte Pecan pie
End the week on a high note with this sweet and salty treat!