What’s the first thing you think of when you think French dessert? It’s a toss up, but we have to say we think macarons! These treats have a bad wrap for being difficult to make, but trust us, anyone can make these with the right ingredients and technique. The results will be both Insta-worthy and taste-worthy if you just give them a try!

Vanilla macarons

vanilla macarons
You can’t beat this classic flavour, sure to be gone before you even put the plate down.

Lemon macarons

lemon macarons
The citrus flavour here is sure to brighten any day – whether the sun is cooperating with the mood or not!

Hazelnut chocolate macarons

hazelnut chocolate macarons
Nothing says dessert quite like chocolate! Get all the satisfaction of eating out of a jar of Nutella with this fancier-feeling treat!

Pistachio macarons

pistachio macarons
We’re sure you’ll go nuts over the pistachio-flavoured macarons.

Raspberry macarons

Raspberry macarons
You can never go wrong with a fruity treat, perfect to pop in a lunch bag, or just in your mouth!

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