The Easy Food team loves planning, making and delivering homemade gifts. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few tips on how to pack them so that they look great and stay in mint condition! Read on for our wrapping ideas…

Nuts and popcorn

Now that you’ve whipped up chocolate and toffee popcorn, or spiced cashews, it’s time to bag them up! Go with a printable popcorn box, a cellophane bag, or a baker’s bag to start. Label the treats by using a gold marker on adhesive blank labels and seal with a lovely festive ribbon.

Jams and baking mixes

Jarred goods make great gifts, as they usually have a longer shelf life and travel well. Start with a classic Kilner glass storage jar and cover with a small piece of fabric. Secure with twine or ribbons, then attach a gift tag with the name of the treat inside. If it is a baking or cooking mix, be sure to include instructions. For a final touch, tie on a small condiment spoon. Try out this recipe for raspberry redcurrant jam!

Biscuits and traybakes

Festive tins with patterned paper are perfect for boxing up baked goodies. Start with a solid tin and layer the baked good in individual paper cases. Wrap them in patterned tissue paper or wax paper, as this will help keep them fresh. For biscuits (like these seasonal pistachio, cranberry, and white chocolate wonders) , you can also stack these in tall, decorative cellophane bags and tie with ribbon.

Drinks and sauces

Whether you’re making flavoured vodka, homemade hot sauce or your own almond liqueur, you’ll need to find the perfect bottle and festively dress it. Try using vintage decanters or modern glass bottles, and add little personal touches such as a luxurious velvet ribbon or a decorative homemade label. Pop them into a small canvas tote bag for delivering.