Variety is the spice of life and the key to a healthy diet. Dinner is sorted for the week with our super handy weekly meal plan taking the trouble out of planning. All of these delicious recipes have been tried and tested by the easy food team to make life easier for you.

Day 1

Start the week with something easy, chipotle beef burritos.

Day 2

This will be a new family favourite, herb crumbed pork with potato and apple mash.

Day 3

For a delicious filling salad, whip up this Duck, fig and beetroot salad.

Day 4

A homemade classic, fish fingers with chips and tartare sauce.

Day 5

Get that Friday feeling by making this scampi spice bag.

Day 6

Make the perfect family pie with this chicken, broccoli and mushroom pie.

Day 7

For classic Sunday comfort food, try this roast pork with sausage, thyme and onion stuffing and roasted apples.

Snack of the week

These dairy free healthier flapjacks are packed with fibre and healthy fats making it the perfect mid-day snack

Dessert of the week

End your week with this warming plum and quinoa crumble.