8 tempting traybake recipes

    8 traybake recipes Easy Food baking

    Traybakes will always be the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. Whether cut into bars or squares, they’re excellent a much-needed treat. Here are eight of our favourite traybake recipes to tempt you to get baking.

    Blondies with salted caramel cream cheese icing

    This is the perfect treat for lockdown with a smooth, creamy icing.

    Coconut and lime bars

    Fresh, zingy and sweet, there aren’t many other things that’ll have your tastebuds dancing like these babies!

    Strawberry and oat cereal bars

    Great for a snack, great for a quick breakfast. You won’t regret it!

    Sleazy brownies

    We all like brownies. But we promise you’ll just LOVE these sleazy brownies!

    Apple crumble bars

    This is what you’d get if an apple crumble married a traybake. Absolute heaven!

    White chocolate and cranberry flapjacks

    Perfect this recipe while we’re in lockdown, and it’ll make for delicious gifts to your friends and family in the future.

    Creme Egg brownies

    Perfect for Easter — perfect for any time of year, to be honest! These are both chocolatey and creamy — any baker’s dream!

    Cakey vs fudgy brownies

    An age-old question and always a hotly-debated topic in the Easy Food office. If you’re undecided, here are both recipes. Try them and pick your favourite!