8 great recipes for yeasted bread


    At the moment, we all have more time than usual to experiment and play around in the kitchen. If you’ve always wanted to bake yourself the perfect yeasted bread, now is the time.

    Here are our eight best recipes for bread from scratch.

    Challah bread

    This recipe won’t only test your bread baking skills, but your plaiting, too. Have fun and try different ways.

    Semi-sourdough crusty baguette

    What’s better than a crusty baguette with your bowl of soup? Spoil yourself!

    Multi-purpose enriched white yeasted dough

    This dough is so versatile, you can make it into a white loaf, some buns or even foccacia. Take your pick!

    Rosemary and roasted garlic bread

    Perfect for pairing with cheese and your favourite wine. Whoever said it’s hard being in lockdown never had some of this bread!

    Tear-and-share malted brown loaf

    Perfect for sharing with your loved ones — if you’ve been sharing a house these past few weeks, of course!

    Bacon and cheese loaf

    Taking a toasted sandwich to another level, this bread has the yummy goodness all in one!

    Cranberry and orange loaf

    Something a bit sweeter for when self-isolation gets you down.

    Brioche loaf

    A soft loaf will cheer up anybody if they’re getting lonely.