Eggs are a very versatile ingredient. It’s used in lots of dishes and bakes and is also very delicious on its own.

During this quarantine you can finally learn how to perfectly poach an egg. Here’s an easy step-by-step, as well as some yummy recipes you can cook to show off your new skill!

How to perfectly poach an egg

Before attempting any of these recipes, make sure you know how to poach an egg by following these easy steps.

Smashed avocado toasts with Feta, bacon and poached eggs

A wholesome breakfast to start your day. It doesn’t have to be confined to the morning, either — who said you can’t have breakfast for lunch or dinner?

Warm breakfast salad bowls with poached eggs

A nutritious breakfast is the key to a great day. This recipe will help you put a spring in your step to take on any challenge the lockdown throws at you.

Poached eggs with tomato and mushrooms

Something a bit more traditional, but still super delicious!

Creamed spinach and poached egg toasts

Packed with iron and protein, this breakfast is fit for a quarantine champion!