We’ve finally started to see the sun and have some warm weather! We know we’re taking advantage of it and taking meals out to the garden, and we want to help you to do the same! Whether you want a simple picnic or taking things to the grill, we’ve got perfect starters for a summer menu.

Summer flatbread pizzas

Summer flatbread pizzas_easyfood_siucra
Start out any menu with this sharable classic that can be made to anyone’s veg preference.

Pork and peach skewers with harissa and honey

Pork and peach skewers Easy Food
Sweet and savoury work together to make these skewers a satisfying pick for any picnic or barbecue plate!

Smokey stuffed sweet potatoes

smokey stuffed sweet potatoes
This self-contained meat-free option is sure to be a fave hands — or forks — down!

Prosciutto and grilled halloumi salad

prosciutto and grilled hallloumi salad
Colourful veg makes a fun background in both taste and colour for for prosciutto and halloumi!

Veggie tacos with cauliflower nuggets

Cauliflower nuggets are never a bad idea when trying to get a bit more texture and filling in any meat-free dish.

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers
Customise these by substituting beef or chicken for the beans, if you want to add a bit of meat into the mix!

Grilled peaches

We couldn’t make a whole menu without including a dessert! This sweet treat gains a smoky, grilled flavour that works well with ice cream or sorbet!


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