When the sun is out for happy hour, cocktails are a must! Whether you can’t get enough of the fun, fruity flavours or you prefer a subtle bitterness, we firmly believe that there is a cocktail for everyone. Don’t be scared to shake things up and venture into the world of mixology because these cocktail recipes are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Rhubarb gin

A basic gin’s subtle botanical flavours are ideal for mixing with sweet seasonal rhubarb. Add a few strips orange zest and some vanilla for an extra burst of flavour over ice for a perfectly refreshing summer cocktail.

Vodka and elderflower martini 

Whether you like it shaken or stirred, this simple summer twist on a traditional martini will be just what you need this summer.  This elderflower martini contains just the right mix of sweet and sour, making it perfect for an elegant evening, or simply relaxing at home.

Strawberry mojito

Strawberry_Mojito_Easy Food

We love the combination of fresh mint and zesty lime from classic mojitos, so it only made sense to sweeten the deal (or drink?) with the addition of fresh, seasonal strawberries.

Aperol spritz

Aperol spritz Easy Food

The spritz is a ubiquitous Italian cocktail, often served as an aperitivo, or pre-dinner drink. Although it’s traditionally served with Italian bubbly, this cocktail can be mixed with sweet or dry sparkling wine depending on your preference.

Spicy honeydew margarita

Spicy Honeydew Margarita Easy Food

A spicy twist on a classic margarita, this drink will pack a punch and makes an ideal party cocktail to serve your guests. The fresh honeydew technically makes this a healthy fruit smoothie…right?

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