Our Test Kitchen vegan baking queen, Síomha, has been working her magic in the kitchen and has made three timeless classic bakes into unforgettable vegan desserts. Many people are under the impression that vegan baking can be super complicated, expensive and time-consuming, but we have the best tips and tricks to ensure you save time and money AND end up with a decadent dessert.

You’ll never get caught out without an ingredient by using clever substitutes like applesauce, chia seeds or mashed bananas instead of eggs. Unsweetened apple sauce with mashed banana, Greek yoghurt with mashed avocado, extra-virgin olive oil or extra-virgin coconut oil can often be used in place of butter or margarine. 

By using Síomha’s expert knowledge, a few crafty substitutions and a passion for all things baking, we’ve put together three of our favourite plant-based bakes.

Vegan strawberry Swiss roll

This light and fruity sponge makes the perfect summer treat when topped with fresh strawberries. This is at its best when eaten in the sun with a cup of tea!

Vegan lemon cheesecake

When you need to bring a dessert for a crowd, look no further than a classic lemon cheesecake. Any dairy-free cream cheese works perfectly in this recipe and we used Just Whole Foods Vegan Lemon Jelly Crystals. The jelly crystals are optional, but it helps prevent the cheesecake from becoming too soft. Síomha’s favourite whipping cream is Elmlea plant-based single cream alternative — great for piping onto finished desserts, too.


Vegan millionaire’s shortbread

The challenge to ‘veganise’ recipes is making it possible for plant-based eaters to enjoy treats they may not have eaten in years, and these millionaire’s shortbreads are just as decadent and moreish as you remember!