How to create a lovely Valentine’s Day menu

By easyFood

05 February 2019

Unsure how to throw a successful Valentine’s Day meal?

We believe that best romantic dinners are at home, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. So we’ve created a lovely Valentine’S Day menu to help you to impress your significant other with one of these gorgeous recipes.

You’ll find below elegant starters to open the night, finely cooked mains and so-indulgent desserts that would make Cupid proud.

Elegant starters

Classic prawn cocktail

Classic prawn cocktail Easy Food

Go retro with this classic prawn cocktail from the 70s. Simple but really luscious, they-re the perfect way to kick start your romantic dinner.

Or try:

Romantic mains

Roast salmon

So-simple roast salmon | Easy Food
This elegant roast salmon is of the best simple and healthy recipes you can cook to surprise and delight your loved one.

Or try:

Extra indulgent dessert

Chocolate avocado mousse

Chocolate avocado mousse Easy Food
Chocolate dessert sounds like a Valentine’s Day clichè? But these chocolate mousse with an avocado twist are a whole new game, we promise.

Or try:

And if it’s not enough yet, click on the following link for more Valentine’s Day recipes or pick up one of our Prosecco cocktail ideas for a romantic toast.