The 10 Easy Food recipes you loved the most in 2021

Top 10 Easy Food magazine recipes 2021

In many ways, 2021 has been every bit as strange as 2020. While life and COVID-19 may keep throwing us curveballs, one thing remains constant: we all need to eat. Team Easy Food has been enthusiastically self-soothing all year (all our lives, really) with a myriad of comforting dinners, warming breads and sweet treats; with the year drawing to a close, we were interested to see which recipes you turned to most during yet another year of confusion and uncertainty.

Read on to discover our 10 most popular recipes of 2021…

10. Banana oat muffins

Banana_Oat_muffin_Easy Food

Coming in at number 10, these lunchbox-friendly muffins strike a great balance between tasty and healthy.

9. Creamy ‘nduja rigatoni

Creamy 'nduja pasta

Any combination of pasta, cream and spicy sausage is pretty much guaranteed to be fantastic comfort food, and this rigatoni recipe is no exception. A “trendy” ingredient that burst on to the Irish food scene a couple of years ago, ‘nduja is so intensely craveable that it shows no signs of relinquishing its spotlight. (If you’ve never cooked with ‘nduja before, you’re missing out; click here for our tips on using it at home.)

8. Chocolate biscuit cake

Chocolate biscuit cake Easy FoodEverybody loves a good chocolate biscuit cake; the ultimate easy crowd-pleaser, it takes no special equipment, next-to-no skill and doesn’t even need to go in the oven. Our Christmas pudding-inspired twist was also popular this year, an ideal festive substitute for those who don’t enjoy the traditional pud.

7. Roast stuffed pork steak

Roast stuffed pork steak Easy FoodTender pork tenderloin packed with a golden, buttery herb and breadcrumb stuffing — what’s not to love? This makes a fantastic roast dinner for two; date night, here we come.

6. Moira Rose’s enchiladas

Moira Rose's chicken enchiladas Schitt's Creek Easy FoodThe finale of Schitt’s Creek might have aired back in 2020, but Moira’s famous enchiladas still reign supreme. Just make sure you fold in the cheese. Just… fold it in.

5. After Eight cake

After_Eight_Cake_Easy Food

One of our most popular showstopper cakes of all time, we weren’t surprised to find this on the list. With layers of rich chocolate sponge and After Eight buttercream encased in a glossy dark chocolate ganache, there’s no more impressive cake to bring to the table.

4. Lemon yoghurt loaf cake

Lemon yogurt loaf cake

Not only is this a so-simple cake to pull together, the yoghurt keeps the sponge incredibly moist, too — a great one to have in the repertoire for any sort of potluck event.

3. Beef and stout pieBeef and stout pie. Easy Foods

The only way to make a deep, rich beef and stout stew even MORE comforting is to top it with a flaky, golden pastry lid. You know you want to serve it with mashed potato: double carbs are for winners.

2. Sourdough doughnuts

sourdough doughnutsWith sourdough very much the darling of 2020, we did wonder whether its popularity would begin to wane this year — but with these mouthwatering doughnuts coming in hot at number two in our countdown, our favourite bread looks like it’s here to stay!

1. Sweet and sour pork in crispy batter

Sweet 'n' sour pork Easy Food

No surprises here — this Chinese “fakeaway” favourite has been endlessly popular since we first perfected it in the Test Kitchen, and for very good reason. Sticky, crispy, sweet and sour, with tender pork and crunchy veg, it hits all the right notes: simply flawless Friday night fare.

Wishing you and yours a prosperous, healthy and joyful 2022, filled with family, friends and excellent food, from all of us at Easy Food HQ.