20 recipes perfect to make with the kids

Sprinkle vanilla cupcakes Easy Food

If you’re looking for easy ways to entertain the kids, why not try baking? These simple and easy to follow recipes are just the thing!

1. Banana bread 



2. Sprinkle cupcakes

Sprinkle vanilla cupcakes


3. Healthier chocolate chip cookies



4. Monster bites



5. Toffee nut banana splits



6. Peanut butter cookies 

Peanut butter cookies

7. Fudgy fairy light cakes

Fudgy fairy light cakes

8. Love heart biscuits

Love heart biscuits


9. Shortbread tea biscuits

Shortbread tea biscuits


10. Brownie cookies

Brownie cookies


11. Banoffee bites

Banoffee bites Easy Food


12. Trick or treat biscuit cake

trick or treat chocolate biscuit cake halloween


13. Sweet potato biscuits

Sweet potato biscuits Easy Juniors


14. Síomha’s quarantine kitchen oat cookies

Siomhas covid kitchen friendly oat cookies

15. Creme Egg brownies

Creme Egg brownies Easter Easy Food

16. Elsje’s oat crunchies

Elsje's oat crunchies

17. Caramel hot chocolate stirrers

caramel hot chocolate stirrers

18. Toffee popcorn

Toffee popcorn - Easy Food


19. Homemade chocolate bars

Homemade chocolate bars


20. Chocolate, strawberry and hazelnut pizza

Strawberry, chocolate, and hazelnut pizza Easy Food