With great power to slay the week, comes great organization (don’t worry, we’ve done the organization part for you). We’ve put together 7 days worth of simple, quick meals to help you stay on top.

Day 1

Start the week with this one tray wonder of roasted balsamic sausages with onions and peppers.


Day 2

For a quick meal this busy Tuesday, try this easy chicken teriyaki..

Day 3

A warming dish for midweek, quick cod curry.

Day 4

This vegetable chow mein is a gorgeous meat-free alternative to a chicken chow mein.

Day 5

For fiery flavours in a flash, try this cajun dirty “rice” with chorizo and prawns.

Day 6

The family will love these fun chicken tortilla burrito bowls.

Day 7

This roast rib of beef with porcini gravy is the perfect roast for friends and family.

Dessert of the week

This sticky cashew cake is a delicious alternative to a classic sticky toffee.