Cook the cover recipes from Easy Food 2020

Cook the cover recipes from Easy Food 2020

Let’s be honest: Getting through lockdown was quite challenging – especially taking into consideration everything we all planned for this year. Trips, concerts, visits to beautiful destinations and just dining out at our favourite restaurants all went down the drain.

Luckily, there was something that always kept us busy: The kitchen.

Whether you baked and cooked from scratch for the first time, or just perfecting old favourites, we were all busy in the kitchen the past few months.

So to end a challenging year, take a trip down memory lane with us and try out all of our cover recipes again.


Easy Food January 2020 issue 144 front cover


For all those cold, winter days still ahead of us, this delicious coconut, chicken and chickpea curry is the best medicine to curl up on the couch and indulge. It’s packed with veggies and tasty flavours. Not only will you be treated to a bowl of goodness, but also a nutritious dinner.

Easy Food cover image issue 145 February 2020


The month of love is usually filled with all kinds of chocolate. So why not indulge in your love of chocolate with this delicious rocky road cheesecake? It’s super-easy to bake and the sweetness will make you forget all about a challenging 2020.

Easy Food issue 146 front cover March 2020


March is all about celebrating our Irish heritage and what better way to do so than this Irish stout short ribs? Not only is this the ‘best of Irish cooking’, you’ll also want to eat this every day.

Easy Food 2020 April issue 147 front cover


We survived our first month of lockdown and therefore we had to celebrate home cooking. This delectable brownie meringue pie will take your taste buds to a whole different dimension.

Easy Food issue 148 May June 2020 front cover


These white chocolate and strawberry ice cream cookie sandwiches was the perfect way to start summer. Not only is this a delicious recipe to try, it’ll also put a smile on your and all your loved-ones’ faces.

Easy Food issue 149 summer July August 2020 front cover


Our July/August issue was all about fruity bakes and what better way to do so than this passion fruit and peach pavlova? It’s beautiful to look at, super-tasty and so easy to make.


Easy Food September 2020 issue 150 front cover


When the temperature outside drops, we turn the heat up! This family-friendly slow-cooked chorizo meatballs is a bowl of comfort. Your family will adore you after taking their first bite.

Easy Food October 2020 cover new issue 151


October is all about spooky bakes and this chocolate orange marble cake didn’t disappoint. The autumn colours and the richness of the chocolate all made a socially distanced Halloween worth while.

Easy Food Christmas Annual 2020 special edition December


Then of course, we have to end the year with a showstopper bake. Although we’ll be celebrating Christmas somewhat different this year, that doesn’t mean that we have to be stingy with dessert. This beautiful salted caramel crunch cake is the perfect dessert to end a real challenging year.