If you are in need of some tasty dinner inspiration, then be sure to try out our 14 quick and tasty dinner recipes with chicken thighs.

Roasted five-spice chicken thighs

Five-spice roasted chicken thighs Easy Food

Bring your tastebuds on an adventure, with our amazing roasted five-spice chicken thigs

Chicken and vegetable traybake

Chicken and vegetable traybake

The ultimate one-pan wonder, this recipe is perfect for when you want to create dinner in no time.

Chicken cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore Easy Food

Full of flavour, our ultimate chicken cacciatore recipe is a must-try. Perfect for any dinner


Chicken thighs with harissa and chickpeas

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Impress all your dinner guests with our flavourful recipe, chicken thighs with harissa and chickpeas.

Spicy harissa chicken traybake

Spicy harissa chicken traybake

Bring your simple chicken traybake to a whole other level with our tasty spicy harissa chicken traybake.

Chicken in Thai peanut sauce

Chicken_Thai_Peanut_Sauce_Easy Food

Quick to prepare, this is sure to become one of your favourite dishes. Serve with rice and some fresh coriander.

One-pan crispy chicken with tomato rice

One-pan_chicken_with_tomato_rice Easy Food

A one-pan wonder, chicken with tomato rice is sure to become a new addition to the weekly menu.


Tomato and balsamic chicken thighs

Tomato and balsamic chicken thighs | Easy Food


If you are looking for a simple dinner option, tomato and balsamic chicken thighs are sure to be a hit.

Provençal chicken stew


Served with crusty bread or mashed potato, provencal chicken stew is sure to become a new family favourite.

Sesame miso chicken thighs

Sesame miso chicken thighs

If you are looking to try something new, why not try sesame miso chicken thighs.

Chicken thighs with dirty rice Easy Food

One-pan chicken thighs with dirty rice are full of amazing flavours. A must-try dish!

Beer-braised chicken thighs

Beer-braised chicken thighs Easy Food


Beer-braised chicken thighs are so versatile, add your favourite vegetables or herbs. You can leave out the beer if you wish and replace it with extra stock.

Chicken mushroom and leek casserole Easy Food

Looking for the perfect creamy and comforting dish to try, this 6 ingredient meal is sure to be enjoyed by all.

If you are looking for a super-tasty and easy dinner idea, this baked honey and lime chicken and rice is the perfect meal for you.