12 perfect peach recipes

perfect peach recipe Easy Food

From its furry skin to its juicy flesh, there’s something to be said about the unique experience of eating and cooking with peaches. It’s our opinion that this delicious and often overlooked fruit should be better celebrated.

If you haven’t yet cooked with peaches, here’s a handy how-to guide to get you started; otherwise, the following recipes should have you feeling peachy-keen in no time at all!

Starting with savoury

When thinking summertime salads, peaches should definitely be at the top of your ingredient list. Whether it’s this hearty barbecue lamb and peach salad or something a little lighter like this tomato, peach, proscuitto and goat’s cheese salad, you’ll be glad you tried something a little different.

Barbecued lamb and peach salad Easy Food
Barbecue lamb and peach salad

Take your tastebuds on a trip to the Mediterranean with these delicious pork and peach skewers with harissa and honey.

Pork and peach skewers with harissa and honey Easy Food
Pork and peach skewers with harissa and honey

Brilliant bakes

Anywhere that apples work, you’ll usually find peaches will too. From crumbles to cobblers and beyond, adding peaches to your baking will give you a whole new repertoire of flavour to work with and impress.

Peach cobbler Easy Food
Peach cobbler

If you’re a pastry lover, then this beautiful golden and nutty almond and peach tart will have you celebrating the season, as will this deliciously fruity blueberry and peach galette.

Peach and almond tart Easy Food
Peach and almond tart

This showstopping peach and passion fruit pavlova is sure to impress next time you’re entertaining!

peach and passion fruit pavlova
Passion fruit and peach pavlova

And now for something cool and refreshing!

First of all, our easiest-ever peach sorbet has to be just about the simplest sorbet you could ever make. For something a bit creamier and lower in sugar, you might want to try this healthy peach frozen yoghurt instead.

Healthy peach frozen yoghurt Easy Food
Healthy peach frozen yoghurt

Let’s not forget that what goes with summertime dining is drinks made for drinking in the sunshine, and this peach and thyme sangria is quite the refreshing treat!

Peach Sangria Easy Food
Peach and thyme sangria