12 Italian sweet treats to make you smile


If you’re still dreaming of that missed trip to Italy, do your best to recreate a little of that magic at home with one of our Italian desserts.


Panna cotta

First up is the most simple yet elegant of Italian desserts. A good panna cotta should be loose, light and silky, almost collapsing once your spoon glides into its wobbly surface. Try our classic recipe here, adding your topping of choice, or add a summery flavour with the rhubarb jelly twist, below.

vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb jelly
Panna cotta topped with rhubarb jelly – almost too pretty to eat.



Cannoli are just one amongst many genius culinary inventions hailing from Sicily. Consisting of crisp, deep-fried shells filled with Ricotta, they’re indulgent without being overly sweet, and provide a perfect contrast of flavours. Try our much-less-traditional version using tortilla wraps (and loads of chocolate sauce!) here, or stick with the real deal below.

Cannoli easy food
Crunchy, creamy perfection.



If, like us, you believe the combination of coffee, cream, booze and chocolate is heaven-sent, then obviously tiramisu is the dessert for you. Check out these gorgeous little individual pots for the next time you’re entertaining — they’re the ideal make-ahead sweet treat — or try try these rhubarb tiramisu pots for a summery alternative. If you’re happier without the alcohol, you’ll also find those delicious tiramisu flavours in this indulgent cheesecake, or try this lighter raspberry and lemon version for something different.

Raspberry and lemon tiramisu Easy Food
Lemon zest is the key to the fresh flavours in this show-stopping dessert.



They might not be a dessert as much as a tea-time treat, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include biscotti on any list of Italian-style sugar rushes. Dip them in your espresso and enjoy the sweet-meets-bitter contrast.

Almond orange biscotti
These almond and orange biscotti will bring your coffee break to the next level.

You can even use biscotti to create this striking semifreddo, combining the chocolate-and-hazelnut flavours typical of the Piemonte region with a little crunch.

dessert, italian food, biscotti, nutella, sweets,
Could this be the perfect summer dessert?



The most simple of all Italian sweets, the affogato is a flawless marriage between strong coffee and good-quality ice cream. We’ve used salted caramel ice cream here, but swap it out for traditional vanilla, indulgent chocolate or anything else you fancy. The world is your coffee cup!

Salted caramel affogato
A grown-up treat that takes five minutes to assemble.


Dessert… pizza?

Okay, okay, we know this one is far from authentic Italian cuisine, but we couldn’t resist! Dish up this sweet spin on pizza when you want a so-simple dessert that’s ready to slice and serve.

Strawberry hazelnut marshmallow pizza_keelings_easyfood
Perfect for putting smiles on the kids’ faces.


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