Tofu power! 5 of our favourite tofu recipes you need to try!


    Tofu is an ideal way to bulk up the protein of any recipe, and the best part is that its tender texture happily takes on the flavour of the dish. Whether you’re opting for firm tofu for a bit of a bite, or prefer smoothy, silken tofu, you can’t go wrong with this super adaptable superfood.

    Tofu stir-fry

    Tofu stir-fry Easy FoodNothing say easy like a stir-fry! Whether this is your first tofu meal or a staple in your recipe book, you can’t go wrong.

    Tofu katsu curry

    Katsu currySpice and and veg are beautiful compliments to the tofu here, allowing all of the flavours to be absorbed by the tofu!

    Mushroom tofu vegan quiche

    Mushroom tofu vegan quicheThis classic would be perfect either as a breakfast dish or as a leftover snack or lunch, but will taste great at any time of the day!

    Crispy tofu

    Crispy tofuThis simple dish is perfect for everyday cooking, and you can switch out the veg to whatever you or your family prefers!

    Sweet and sour tofu

    If you’re craving a takeaway but don’t fancy waiting for delivery, we highly suggest you give this sticky sweet and sour tofu dish a try.

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