Although we’re still allowed to go to the shops, it’s best to stay at home as much as possible. These days, it’s not worth leaving the house just for one ingredient when you have a cupboard stocked with tinned food.

Here are eight of our favourite tinned food dishes ideal for lockdown.

Amped-up tomato soup

Soup is such a versatile dish. If you have tinned tomatoes in the back of your cupboard, you can quickly whip up this healthy meal.

Smoky prawns with tomato, chorizo and coriander

Speaking of tinned tomatoes, this pasta dish takes flavour to another level. You’ll absolutely love this.

Spicy sundried tomato and red pepper tuna fishcakes

Even if you’re not a big fan of tuna, these fishcakes will be something you want to cook more than once: they’re spicy, full of flavour and just downright delicious!

Wholesome lentil dahl

A hearty dish made with cupboard staples. And it’s veggie-friendly, too!

Bean and veggie gratin

Tinned tomatoes and tinned beans: a perfect for lockdown weeknight dinner.

Marinated beans on garlic toast

This inventive twist on the ol’ beans on toast will have you craving more.

Brazilian salmon stew

Tinned tomatoes and coconut milk never looked so good!

One-pot chicken chilli

Something meaty that pairs perfectly with rice or tortillas.