If you’re looking for new, creative ways to cut down the weekly grocery bill and save time in the kitchen, then these versatile recipes are a game changer. You’ll only need to cook once, to eat twice by jazzing up yesterday’s leftovers and adapting dishes to create new meals.

Meal #1: Fibre-packed veggie chilli


Meal #2: Veggie chilli cheese dogs

Veggie chilli cheese dogs Easy Food

This nourishing veggie-loaded chilli pairs just as beautifully with rice, grated cheese and a dollop of guac as it would spooned into fluffy bread buns alongside grilled sausages.

Meal #1: Buttermilk marinated roast chicken


Meal #2: Creamy chicken, rosemary and gnocchi soup


Turn last night’s family dinner into tomorrow’s hearty and wholesome lunch with this comforting recipe. Top tip — this soothing soup can easily be frozen and saved for a rainy day!

Meal #1: Cheesy cod with cherry tomatoes and mustard mash


Meal #2: Cod cakes


After you enjoy your cheesy cod with cherry tomatoes and mustard mash, use the leftovers to make these tasty cod cakes. Both are high-fibre recipes, packed with protein.

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