We’ve got the perfect guide for you to host the barbecue of the summer! Whether you are braving the unpredictable weather or luck out with one of those oh-so-fab sunny days, these recipes are sure to make the day even brighter. From a classic burger and hot dogs to fun menu mix-ins like barbecued pizza and veggie skewers, these recipes will have you on the way to the most delicious bash yet.

Ultimate barbecue burger

ultimate barbecue burger
You just can’t beat a burger, so we’ll share one of our top tips for the best side: multitask while you’ve got the barbecue on and cook oven wedges or chips in foil right next to your burgers. Just check the cooking times on the packages so you get the perfect crisp!

Barbecue pizza

barbecue pizza
Barbecuing isn’t just about burgers! Caramelised onions, crispy prosciutto, nutty walnuts and creamy mozzarella combine in this fresh take on pizza. The pizza stone helps ensure an evenly cooked crust, but you can make this directly on the grates as well.

Korean slaw dogs

korean slaw dogs
Upgrade your hot dogs with this crunchy, fresh Korean-style take on coleslaw. Not feeling like hot dogs? Use the Korean slaw for a stand-alone side dish!

Weekend brunch bagels

weekend brunch bagel
This is a double whammy: this brunch-on-a-bun is a fun twist on brunch *and* barbecuing. Serve it with a pitcher of orange juice (with a little prosecco, if you please) and you’re set for the best summer brunch ever.

Beer can chicken

Beercan chicken
Bad weather threatening your barbecue plans? Make this in the oven! Preheat your oven to 200˚C/180˚C fan/gas mark 6. Place the beer and chicken in a roasting tin and cook in the bottom half of the oven for the same cooking time, and voila!

Halloumi vegetable skewers

Halloumi vegetable skewers
Want a meat-free barbecue recipe? Try out these fun and colourful veggie skewers.

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