Fire up the barbecue the summer is here! Explore our ultimate meat-free delights that are sure to be a hit at your next outdoor feast.

Carrot hot ‘dawgs’

They may look like regular hot dogs, but these carrot 'dawgs' are the ultimate meat-free makeover. A must-try!

Mexican street corn

Mexican street corn on the cob Easy Food


Bring a Mexican twist to your corn with lime, chilli and sour cream.

Halloumi and pesto burgers



Be sure to include these delicious cheesy halloumi and pesto burgers at your next barbecue.

Veggie skewers Easy Food


These easy veggie skewers are a meat-free barbecue option that's not just for vegetarians.

Garlic Parmesan courgettes

Full of flavour, these cheesy, garlicky courgettes are great on their own or as a side at any summer barbecue.

Cheesy stuffed mushroom burgers

Easy Cheesy Mushroom Burger Easy Food


Meat-free and absolutely mouthwatering, we can guarantee no one will miss the meat after tasting these cheesy stuffed mushroom burgers.

Veggie chilli cheese dogs

Veggie chilli cheese dogs Easy Food

Our veggie chilli cheese dogs are a great way to use up leftover chilli, and provide a little something different to your next outdoor feast.

Aubergine parmigiana ciabattas

Aubergine ciabattas Easy Food

These melty, cheesy ciabattas are the ultimate meat-free summer sambo, and will bring a taste of Italian sunshine to your home.

Beetroot and lentil burgers

Beetroot and lentil burgers Easy Food


Gone are the days of bland, boring veggie burgers! Both juicy and sweet, these beetroot and lentil burgers are a great option for the warm summer days.

Savoury s’mores



Put a savoury twist on the classic s'mores, filled with melted Camembert, fresh basil leaves and onion chutney. They're sure to be a hit!