We’re showing you some of the salads we think are not only tasty, but super #instaready for summer! Not only are these salads good for you, they’re just as exciting, flavoursome and satisfying as any summer dish out there. Get those mixing bowls ready — it’s salad time!

Strawberry clementine salad

Strawberry clementine salad_keelings_easyfood
Juicy clementines and sweet strawberries pair perfectly with creamy, salty cheese in this super fresh salad.

Avocado, blood orange and goat’s cheese salad

Avocado, blood orange and goats cheese salad
Blood oranges are worth seeking out for this salad — they add a stunning contrast to the green leaves and ruby-red pomegranates, and bring just enough sweetness and tartness to balance the flavours here.

Thai chicken salad cups

Thai chicken salad cups
Salad can be party food, too! These easy hand-held beauties are perfect for warm summer dining; they’re filling without weighing you down, and have just the right amount of heat from the chillies to keep your menu exciting!

Summer steak salad with avocado dressing

Summer steak salad Easy Food
We love pairing barbecued steak with a fresh, peppery salad to lighten the meal and complement the robust flavours of the meat.

Chicken, feta and roast sweet potato salad

Chicken Feta Sweet potato salad Easy Food
This has been one of our go-to salads for years! It’s simple to make, filled with some of our always-on-hand ingredients and just so happens to be packed with superfoods. Win-win!


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