5 speedy midweek meals that are perfect for summer


    No one wants to spend too much time indoors when the weather is beaming. That said, we know we still have to get dinners on the table — hungry stomachs wait for no sun! Here, we’re bringing you five quick and easy meals that don’t lack in taste and leave you plenty of time to get back outdoors!

    Pork satay stir-fry

    Pork satay stir fry Easy FoodNothing says simple like a stir-fry! Veg and spices come together to make this easy dish super flavourful.

    Gnocchi with bacon, peas and sun-dried tomatoes

    Sundried tomato gnocchi Easy FoodMix veg with savoury bacon or pancetta for this easy dish over gnocchi, which will hold all the flavours together beautifully.

    Sea bass with lemon caper dressing and sautéed potatoes

    Seabass with capers and sauteed potatoes Easy FoodThe beauty of really high-quality ingredients like sea bass is that you don’t need to do much to it for it to shine!

    Sweet and sour pork chops with roasted garlic potatoes

    Sweet and sour pork chops with roasted garlic potatoes - Easy FoodThis dish is made in 30 minutes and with a lot of spices that would be in the house anyway, making it even easier to make in a pinch.

    Lemon, bacon and green bean pasta salad

    Lemon, bacon and green bean pasta salad | Easy FoodWe’re big advocates of keeping a pasta salad in the fridge for a light dinner, handy lunch or as a barbecue side.

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