Whether you’re baking to impress or just fancy a challenge in the kitchen, there are few creations more impressive than a show-stopper cake. With decadent icings, pillowy-soft sponges and flavour combinations of dreams, you’ll be crying tiers of joy with these stunners

After Eight cake 

After_Eight_Cake_easy food

If you’re a fan of the iconic chocolate and mint sweet, you’ll love this cake. Rich chocolate ganache is complemented with a bright and fresh mint icing, perfect for a birthday cake or special occasion treat.

Lemon and raspberry showstopper cake

Lemon and raspberry showstopper cake Easy Food

Zesty lemon sponge and sweet raspberry jam make an ideal combo in this oh-so-cute cake, perfect for a child’s birthday party or for a Communion.

Biscoff cake

Biscoff cake, easyfood, christmas

Crunchy, sweet and slightly spiced Biscoff cookies make a stunning (and decidedly crunchy) addition to this cake that borrows many of the same signature flavours.

Chocolate peanut butter party cake

Chocolate peanut butter party cake Easy Food

This chocolate peanut butter cake is a party-starter: salty, sweet and loaded with plenty of chocolate, this is going to be the new go-to cake for any sweet-and-salty lovers.

Salted caramel crunch cake

Salted caramel crunch cake, easyfood, christmas

Light sponges and rich buttercream get a welcome hit of luxury from gooey salted caramel and a surprisingly sweet toffee popcorn crunch. This is one that’s almost too beautiful to eat! (We said almost…)

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