6 hearty & wholesome stews to dig into this winter


    With the weather taking a serious turn, it’s time to embrace cosy and comforting winter warmers including the wholesome stew. Read on for mouth-watering recipe inspo…

    Lamb and stout stew

    Lamb and stout stewThe definition of comfort food, this high-protein family feast is full of flavour and is perfect for batch cooking, if you want to save yourself some time in the kitchen later in the week.

    Slow-cooked pork and apple stew

    Slow-cooked pork and apple stewIf you’re looking for fuss-free ways to make use of your slow cooker this winter, then this sumptuous dish is an absolute must-try! Plus, it’s a great way of using up apples, which are in abundance right now.

    Pepper, prawn and potato stew

    Pepper, prawn and potato stewTo achieve a mild and sweet flavour in this delicious fish dish, make sure you’re using yellow, orange or red bell peppers, as they’re sweeter than green. For a sharper, bitter taste, opt for green peppers, which are naturally underripe.

    Moroccan beef and sweet potato stew

    Moroccan beef and sweet potato stewLow in calories and saturated fat, this 30-minute meal is the perfect midweek, healthy fix.

    Welsh cawl

    Welsh cawl Easy FoodThis historical Welsh dish dates back to the 14th century and is widely regarded as the national dish of Wales. Featuring plenty of hearty, nutritious ingredients, this warming Welsh cawl is food for the soul.

    Flemish brown ale beef stew

    Flemish beef stew carbonnade Easy FoodThis comforting Flemish stew is a taste sensation, flavoured with thyme, bay leaves, tomato purée, garlic, Dijon mustard, and a bottle of Belgian beer. Not to mention, it’s freezer-friendly – ideal for saving for busy winter evenings.

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