Ah, lunchtime. So awkward and misunderstood. How many times have you ditched the hassle of having to whip up a quick, homemade packed-lunch, and instead opted for the shop-bought sandwich meal-deal?

We know as well as anyone how tricky it can be to plan and prep your lunches for work or school. They have to be filling enough that you don’t get those mid-afternoon cravings; ready to eat, meaning there has to be zero to minimal effort involved in the assembly; and they have to be utterly delicious (for obvious reasons).

Therefore, we thought it was necessary to give you 5 ideal lunch options to take with you into the office.

1. Smoked salmon deli bagel

Effortlessly tasty — this bagel ticks all the boxes. If you have a toaster in your work kitchen, then it’s definitely worth the minimal work involved in packing your fillings into small lunch boxes so that you can toast your bagel, assemble it in work and serve it fresh and warm.

2. Bacon and broccoli mac ‘n’ cheese

This deliciously cheesy comfort food is a fantastic option for those that really don’t have time in the mornings to prepare a lunch. For added convenience, serve this dish up for dinner during the week, and then simply serve a smaller portion into a lunch box for the next day. Or alternatively, you could cook this dish over the weekend and divide it into lunch portions —  keep them in your freezer and then take them out whenever you need them. Pop your mac ‘n’ cheese in a microwave in work before digging in!

3. Tomato and basil soup with Caprese croutons

Another simple option for those of you who are on a time crunch. Soup is one of those meals which is ideal for literally any situation. It’s good for a wedding, a funeral, a midnight snack or an office lunch! We particularly love this tomato and basil rendition, accompanied by Caprese croutons. You can pour some in a flask and bring it on into work with you, ready to be enjoyed when your lunch hour rolls around.

4. Basic fried rice

This dish is a great one to whip up at the start of the week, and integrate into any meal as necessary. Simply pop into the microwave before serving. To bulk it up, feel free to add more veggies, to ensure you’re left satisfied and full all afternoon.

5. Avocado tuna salad on wholegrain toast

If you love tuna and avocado then this is the lunch option for you! The tuna and avocado mix is so easy to prep in the morning before work, or the night before. Simply spoon onto freshly toasted bread when ready to devour. If you’re looking for healthy lunch options then you’ll be pleased to know that not only are these tasty toasts low-maintenance, but they’re low-fat too!