5-ingredient biscuit recipes

    peanut butter chocolate chip cookies 5 ingredient

    In the mood for some simple baking? These 6 recipes are perfect to try. And you only need five ingredients!

    Pistachio shortbread_easyfood

    Pistachio shortbread

    Pistachios, butter, Parmesan and salt. That’s all you need to make these delicious treats for your afternoon teatime.


    Almond butter banana cookies_easyfood

    Almond butter banana cookies

    Banana is such a versatile fruit which makes it perfect for baking. Just add some almonds, oats, butter and salt and you’ve got yourself a tasty biscuit!

    Irish butter shortbread biscuits_easyfood

    Irish butter shortbread biscuits

    There’s a saying: “If things go bad, just add some Irish butter” (okay, it’s not ACTUALLY a saying, but adding Irish butter to your cooks and bakes can always add that little extra).

    Peanut butter raisin cookies_easyfood

    Peanut butter raisin cookies


    Peanut butter and raisins are the perfect combination for a yummy cookie when you’re drinking some tea or coffee. Try it! It’s so easy and quick.

    peanut butter chocolate chip cookies 5 ingredient
    5 ingredient peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

    Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies

    Chocolate chips and peanut butter, is there any better combination? These incredible cookies are sure to become a new family favourite.


    Sweet potato bisuits_easyfood

    Sweet potato biscuits

    These biscuits aren’t only tasty, they’re also a great healthier alternative if you want to limit your sugar intake. And they’re great to bake with the help of the little ones!

    Peanut butter cookies_easyfood

    Peanut butter cookies

    An easy, yet yummy cookie filled with the creaminess of peanut butter and the sweetness of some honey.