Fried chicken is one of the tastiest take-outs you can order. Whether it’s a fried chicken burger or the chicken strips in a spice bag, you’re always licking your fingers afterwards wanting more.

So why not make your own fried chicken at home? Here are 5 recipes to try out now that we have a lot of time during lockdown.

Fried chicken burgers with buffalo slaw_easyfood

Fried chicken burgers with Buffalo slaw

The slaw and the fried chicken burger is the perfect combination. You’ll want to eat this every day.

Spicy southern fried chicken burgers with honey mayo_easyfood

Spicy Southern fried chicken burgers with honey mayo

A succulent burger drenched in honey mayo and slaw? Count me in!

Homemade spice bag_easyfood

Homemade spice bag

Craving your favourite spice bag, but your favourite place doesn’t deliver? Make your own! Pair it with a cold beer and you won’t feel like you’re in lockdown.

Cajun chicken fillet burgers_easyfood

Cajun chicken fillet burgers

Put a twist on your regular chicken burger and make it a bit more spicy.

Southern 'fried' chicken and slaw_easyfood

Southern “fried” chicken ‘n’ slaw

For a healthier version of your favourite fried chicken, this recipe is the trick.