10 new ways to use pesto in the kitchen

    Ways to use pesto Easy Food

    If you’ve had enough pasta but still need to use up a tub of fresh pesto, we’ve got you covered.

    1. Dip it
    Mix some pesto with sour cream or Greek yoghurt for an easy party dip.

    2. Just souper
    Use a dollop of pesto to garnish a portion of soup. We especially love a spoonful stirred into a bowl of good old leek and potato.

    3. Pesto pancakes
    Turn a sweet pancake recipe into a savoury one by omitting any sugar and stirring some pesto right into the batter.

    4. Perfect pizza
    Try using pesto instead of tomato sauce on homemade pizzas or tarts. We like spreading pesto on puff pastry, then topping with goat’s cheese and sliced tomato before baking.

    5. Get stuffed
    Stuff chicken fillets with a mixture of pesto and Mozzarella for an Italian twist on chicken Kiev.

    6. Pleased to meat you
    Pesto goes amazingly well with steak, lamb chops, chicken and fish, so there’s no need to marinate your meat.

    7. Oooh, saucy
    Mix pesto with crème fraîche and warm through over a medium heat for 3-4 minutes, then use as an easy sauce for fish or chicken.

    8. Monster mash
    Stir pesto into mashed potatoes for a vibrant, tasty side dish.

    9. Get bready
    If you’re making white rolls, try stirring a spoonful of pesto into the bread dough.

    10. Green eggs and ham
    Stir some pesto into scrambled eggs or add to an omelette for a colour and flavour boost.