Our top 8 cinnamon recipes

    Our top 8 cinnamon recipes easy food

    Cinnamon: you either love it or hate it. In the Easy Food Test Kitchen, we’re the biggest of fans; read on for some of our all-time favourite cinnamon recipes.

    Cinnamon rolls

    Cinnamon rolls Easy Food

    An absolute classic: sweet and sticky cinnamon rolls, covered in cream cheese icing. We’ll take 10.

    Dark ginger loaf bread

    Dark ginger loaf bread Easy Food

    Similar to a Jamaican ginger cake, this rich, dark loaf is best enjoyed with plenty of butter and a pot of tea.

    Apple cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing

    Apple cake with cinnamon cream icing Easy Food

    This is a deliciously moist cake with a delicately spiced cream cheese icing.

    Apple crumble bars

    Apple crumble bars

    Apple and cinnamon is always a winning combination. These apple crumble bars are extra appealing because of the nutty crumble topping.

    Cinnamon sultana muffins

    These make a fantastic lunchbox treat, not too sweet and full of fibre.

    Apple and raisin meringue tarts

    Apple and raisin meringue tarts easy food

    These are a true favourite. Sweet shortcrust pastry with a tangy apple filling, topped with a swirl of toasted meringue? Yes, please.

    Cardamom and pear cake

    Pear cardamom cake Easy Food

    This not only looks super impressive, but it tastes amazing too. Our tip? Make extra cinnamon poached pears, as they make a delicious and healthy dessert on their own.

    Salted ‘n’ spiced chocolate cookies

    Salted spiced cookies Easy Food

    These are an addictive combo of sweetness, saltiness and warming spices.