Offering a cosy kitchen and a great excuse to drink plenty of tea, could baking a batch of homemade biscuits be the best rainy day activity around?

NYC chocolate chip cookies

NYC New York style chocolate chip cookies Easy FoodThese big, chewy New York-style chocolate chip cookies
are one of our best-ever bakes.

Chocolate hazelnut cookies

Chocolate hazelnut cookiesFor an indulgent treat, bake yourself a batch of these chocolate hazelnut cookies

Jaffa cakes

Homemade Jaffa Cakes Easy Food

Everyone will love these homemade Jaffa cakes!

Homemade Digestive biscuits

Homemade digestive biscuits

Making your own Digestives is the ideal rainy day activity. Get the kettle on!

Fig rolls

fig rollsNow you'll know exactly how they get the figs into those fig rolls

Bourbon creams

Bourbon creamsBake your own classic Bourbon creams
with this easy recipe.

Brownie cookies

Chocolate brownie cookies Easy FoodFor an indulgent treat that combines two classic bakes, try these brownie cookies

Jammy dodgers

Jammy dodgersWhy not make your own jammy dodgers
with this easy recipe?

Ginger nut biscuits

Ginger nut biscuits

Add a touch of warming spices to your afternoon treat with this recipe for ginger nut biscuits.