9 of the spookiest bakes for Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get spooky in the kitchen! These terrifying treats should be just the trick to help keep you and your loved ones ghoulishly entertained.

Spider web surprise cake


surprise spider web cakeThis web-covered cake hides a terrifying secret within…

Peanut butter spider cookies

Spooky bakes Halloween spider cookies Easy Food

These creepy crawly cookies will send shivers down the spine of anyone with arachnophobia.

Them bones, them bones

Them bones biscuits Easy Food

These bony biscuits will chill you to the bone!

Eyeball fudge

Eyeball Fudge

Everyone will love this sweetly spooky eyeball fudge.

Cookies with bite

cookies with bite Easy Food

These crazy cookies are sure to get you grimacing.

Cupcakes for zombies Easy Food

Bring them back to life with these zombie cupcakes.

Mummified bananas

Mummified bananas Easy Food

If you’re looking for a healthier Halloween treat, try these mummified bananas.

Graveyard cupcakes

RIP cupcakes halloween easy foodThere’s nothing more horrifying than taking your tastebuds on a trip to the local cemetery

Floating eyeball punch

Floating eyeball punch Easy FoodHad your fill of fright night? Wash it all down with a ghastly chalice of this fruity yet fearsome eyeball punch.