12 delicious vegan bakes to try

12 delicious vegan bakes to try_easyfood

If you’re following a plant-based diet, finding the perfect recipe for any bake might be a challenge.

Here are 12 delicious vegan bake recipes for you to try.

Vegan berry muffins_easyfoodVegan berry muffins

Perfect for breakfast; perfect for a lunchbox; perfect as a snack. Any time is perfect for these delicious muffins.

Oatmeal crackers_vegan_easyfoodOatmeal crackers

Whether it’s because you want something crispy with your (vegan) cheese, or if it’s just a nice snack to have in your house, these crackers are quick and easy to bake.

Almond butter banana cookies_vegan_easyfoodAlmond butter banana cookies

So sweet and delicious. These cookies are the perfect companion to a nice cup of tea.

Vegan chocolate chip cookies_easyfoodVegan chocolate chip cookies

Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? Now you can enjoy it without consuming any animal products!

Bramley apple and walnut bread_easyfood_veganBramley apple and walnut bread

A tasty bread that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy dance. Add fresh Irish butter and you’re good to go.

Vegan cheesecake crumble parfaits_vegan_easyfoodVegan cheesecake crumble parfaits

A yummy summer dessert that’s perfect for when you have guests over, or if you just want a sweet treat.

Vegan chocolate and red wine cake_easyfoodVegan chocolate and red wine cake

Chocolate? Check! Red wine? Check! This delectable cake includes all of our favourite things.

Egg-free pavlova_vegan_easyfoodEgg-free pavlova

A meringue without any eggs? Believe it! This pavlova is filled with lots of sweetness and fruity tastes!

Beetroot chocolate cake with avocado icing_vegan_easyfoodBeetroot chocolate cake with avocado icing

This is super-indulgent! You probably won’t want to eat any other chocolate cake ever again!

Banana rhubarb muffins_vegan_easyfoodBanana rhubarb muffins

Another great option for when you’re in the mood to snack. These muffins are super-tasty, you’ll absolutely love it!

'Sausage' rolls_vegan_easyfood‘Sausage’ rolls

Enjoy some ‘sausage’ rolls without any of the meat. These rolls are filled with lots of flavour, nutrients and is quick and easy to bake.

Vegan brownie cheesecake_easyfoodVegan brownie cheesecake

What happens when you pair cheesecake with a brownie base? You get this delicious chocolate-filled treat! And it’s vegan!