For a rich chocolate treat try one of these delicious desserts guaranteed to make your day great!


Chocolate waffled doughnuts

Waffled doughnuts

For an extremely decadent dessert, these chocolate waffled doughnuts are the prefect treat.

 Chocolate tea cake cupcakes


Indulge during tea time with these delicious chocolate tea cake cupcakes.

Salted caramel chocolate brownies

Mixed up your usual brownie mix with these sweet salted caramel chocolate brownies.

Chocolate Orange cake

Chocolate Orange cake, easyfood, christmas

For a special occasion this decadent chocolate Orange cake will be the perfect crowd pleaser.

Dark chocolate fondue

dark chocolate fondue avonmore

For any party nothing beats an easy dark chocolate fondue.

Chocolate cream roulade

Chocolate caramel rouladeFor a perfect tea party treat try this elegant salted caramel chocolate roulade.

Salted caramel chocolate fondants

Chocolate peanut butter fondants Easy FoodFor a perfect blend of sweet and salty flavours try these chocolate peanut butter fondants.

Chocolate espresso Christmas cake

Chocolate espresso Christmas cake

Spice up your traditional Christmas cake with this chocolate espresso Christmas cake recipe.

Irish cream and marbled Nutella cheesecake

irish cream and nutella Cheesecake-696x368Add an Irish twist to your dessert game with this Irish cream and marbled Nutella cheesecake 

Three-ingredient chocolate pots

Three ingredient chocolate potsFor a quick and easy chocolate dessert try these Three-ingredient chocolate pots.