Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to kick off the season, than with a nourishing, family-friendly meal plan, filled with quick and easy recipes! Read on for next week’s menu…

MONDAY: Veggie tacos with cauliflower nuggets
To help perk up your meat-free Monday, treat yourself to these flavour-packed veggie tacos. Top with your favourite sauces and salads, whether it’s shredded carrots or a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce, a spoon of guac or a squeeze of lime – the options are endless.
TUESDAY: Basic fishcakes

This flavourful dish doubles up as a delicious lunch option for the next day. Plus, they’re incredibly freezer-friendly, ideal if you’re on a batch cooking buzz!

WEDNESDAY: Classic carbonara

To help you get over that midweek slump, indulge in a big creamy bowl of homemade carbonara. This classic recipe is just what we need at the end of a long, gruelling day. Plus, it only calls for five ingredients, most of which you might already have at hand.

THURSDAY: Veggie packed minestrone soup

Low in saturated fat and rich in fibre, this nourishing dish is packed with veggies, fresh herbs, vitamin-heavy beans and tasty pasta – what more could you ask for?

FRIDAY: Quick beef pho

If you’re craving a hearty, warming bowl of comfort food, but you’ve got Friday night plans and time is of the essence, then this speedy dinner is just what you need. Ready in minutes, this surprisingly easy-to-make meal is an absolute saviour!

SATURDAY: 15-minute pork katsu noodles

If you’re on a budget, keep the takeaway menus in the drawer this week, and instead whip up this super simple pork katsu curry. All the makings of a dirty fakeaway, without the hefty price tag.

SUNDAY: Thai prawn rice

Looking for a low-effort meal to soothe those ‘Sunday Scaries’? We’ve got you covered with this sweet and tangy prawn dish, which calls for just a handful of ingredients and takes 20 minutes to make from start to finish.

SWEET TREAT: Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter, oats, maple syrup and an egg – that’s all you need to bake these scrumptious cookies. Pair with a cup of tea during your midmorning pick-me-up or enjoy after dinner, in front of the telly as a late night treat.

DESSERT: Sticky cashew cake

If you have a bag of cashews sitting in the back of your press, that you really don’t know what to do with, then we highly recommend whipping up this sweet, fudgy, sticky cashew cake. Slice up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and extra caramel sauce for the ultimate indulgence.

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