Most people are familiar with the good ol’ cheeseboard: A delicious variety of cheeses, complemented by your favourite crackers and biscuits with some fruity and dips for that something extra.

Recently a new kind of board made its way to the food scene, and we’re already drooling!
Pancake boards are the latest food trend, just in time for Pancake Tuesday.

Instead of having your own plate of pancakes, a pancake board allows you to host several guests and all can enjoy their brunch (or any meal you’d like) together. And it’s fun, too! You can experiment with different combinations and flavours — something you might have done otherwise.

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different pancakes

Here are tips for making the perfect pancake board:

No need to choose only one type of pancake

That’s the beauty of a pancake board. You can experiment with many different kinds of pancakes on one plate. Fill your board with American style pancakes, crêpes, plain, chocolate chip, gluten-free, heart-shaped, banana pancakes or anything else your heart desires. The more the better!

A big enough board

Just like a cheeseboard, you want to put everything you need on one board. Be sure your board is big enough to not only include the pancakes, but also the delicious toppings and all its trimmings.

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Pancake toppings


The bigger the variety of toppings, the better! Make sure to include sweet toppings (like blueberries, Nutella, maple syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips and powdered sugar) as well as savoury (like nuts, bacon, eggs and sausage).

Small ramekins

Make sure there is space on your board for all the toppings by using ramekins. They’re perfect for holding syrup, jam, Nutella or peanut butter and makes it easier to share.


This is the time to experiment, so go crazy with toppings and try all different kinds of combinations. A pancake board is all about making pancakes fun and exciting. Throw out all the rules and just go wild!

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