9 show-stopping pancakes you’ll want to get up for!

    Pancake stack caramel

    With one of our favourite national holidays looming, we’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite wow-worthy pancake recipes to date. So sit back, take notes and enjoy!

    1. Blueberry Pancakes

    It’s a classic for a reason. You can never go wrong with a few blueberries scattered through your pancakes. They add such a refreshing, sweet burst of flavour to this perfect breakfast meal.

    2. Lemony crêpes Suzette

    A fancy twist on your traditional lemon and sugar pancakes — this adult-only variation is such a delicious treat.

    3. Protein-boost pancakes

    Looking for that perfect post-gym pancake recipe to plan your day around? Well, then look no further! This tasty, energy-boosting recipe is sure to satisfy those pancake cravings.

    4. Steak, mushroom and blue cheese pancakes with balsamic glaze

    If you’re going for something a little ‘extra’ this Pancake Tuesday, then this is definitely the recipe for you. Not to mention, it’s perfect for savoury palates everywhere!

    5. 3-ingredient flourless banana pancakes

    These pancakes are great if you’re in a bit of a pinch, as they’re super low-maintenance, quick and easy to make. Plus, they’re the healthiest recipe of the bunch by a long shot. No need to break your diet for this breakfast delight!

    6. Confetti buttermilk pancakes

    These confetti buttermilk pancakes are super fun and colourful, ideal to make with the kids. If you want to capture that ‘Insta-worthy’ breakfast photo, then this is the recipe for you!

    7. Gluten-free pancake ice-cream cups

    Breakfast for dessert — why not?! This gluten-free pancake cup is the perfect receptacle to fill with deliciously creamy ice cream, topped with homemade chocolate sauce and caramelised banana — yum!

    8. Mushroom, cheese and ham baked pancake

    If pancakes aren’t your thing, but you still want to join in on the festivities, then why not hide them in a baking dish filled with ham, a creamy white wine mushroom sauce, topped with bubbling melted cheese, and call it dinner?

    9. Over the top chocolate berry pancakes

    These scrumptious pancakes scream decadence: the best way to wow your guests if you’re having a pancake party this Pancake Tuesday.

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