In the mood for some foodie decorations for your home? This beautiful rosemary, lavender and sage wreath won’t only look nice, but smell good too!

You will need:

1 oasis wreath (from the florist)

Bunches of lavender, rosemary and
sage from the garden

Strong kitchen scissors or secateurs
to cut the foliage

Wire or jute cord to hang the wreath

How to make the wreath

Make the rosemary, lavender and sage wreath in three easy steps.

1 Soak the oasis wreath in water for at least
one hour.

2 Trim the rosemary and lavender to match the sage in length.

3 Start with some rosemary; insert the
first stem on the inside of the ring, then bring the next stems up and over the top of the ring to the outside.

4 Repeat with the lavender, adding enough lavender to cover around one-third of the rosemary. Continue all around the wreath. When the wreath is full, insert the sage at random points.

5 Use some wire or cord to hang your wreath on the door.