As a home cook you might want to be as quick and accurate as a professional chef or wish you had all the kitchen tools and appliances to make cooking your favourite meals a breeze.

Unfortunately we all don’t have the time, money or space to get everything our hearts desire. But there are ways of getting around that.

Pauline Smyth, one of our food stylists, recipe testers and and amazing artist, shares some of her best tips for cooking at home. These tips won’t only make life easier, but you’ll also feel like you’re one step closer to becoming a master cook!

  1. Freeze butter and grate it into flour for quicker shorter pastry.
  2. Eggs peel easier if you put baking soda into the cooking water. Boil it for 10 minutes and the plunge it into cold water.
  3. When measuring honey treacle or golden syrup, spray the vessel with spray oil. This way you’ll make sure you use every drop.
  4. Always use separate boards for raw meats, fish, vegetables and cooked foods. You don’t want to cross contaminate your ingredients.
  5. When placing food in your freezer, keep it as flat as possible. That way you can freeze more food in a small space.

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Síomha Guiney

Síomha Guiney

Síomha Guiney, another one of our food stylists, coleslaw queen and sandwich architect, shares her tips to plate up beautiful food. Read all about her food styling tips by clicking here.