Meet the team – Pauline

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Pauline: Food stylist, recipe tester, resident artist


Pauline has been part of the Easy Food team since 2015, working as a Food Stylist and recipe tester and occasionally writing recipes. She is a graduate of the 12-week certificate course at Ballymaloe Cookery School. “I’ve always been extremely passionate and interested in food, something I have passed on to my two daughters,” she says. Pauline is also very interested in art, and has always painted and sketched in her spare time. “In 2011, I was very lucky to complete a Fine Art course which allowed me to refine my technique.” Her artistic eye serves her well in food styling and creating visually beautiful scenes for Easy Food.

“I really do love what I do, and food styling has allowed me to combine my two passions of food and art. The people I work with are amazing – our days are busy and on occasion challenging, but for the most part we run like a well-oiled machine.”

One of Pauline’s favourite places to visit is Malaga. “The food scene there is amazing, and every time I go back I discover something new, so every visit is an adventure. I always come back with new ideas for cooking. Malaga also has some wonderful art exhibitions on throughout the year, which I love to visit.”

Pauline has an especial love for kitchen gadgets, saying, “My home kitchen is filled with all sorts of utensils. One piece I have is a cherry pitter, which I purchased abroad many years ago, unable to resist the uniqueness of the gadget. I bought it when fresh cherries were not so easily available in Ireland, convincing myself it would come in very useful one day. I usually can’t find it when I need it, but it is still in perfect working order!”

Pauline says she’ll always continue to extend her knowledge about food. “I love to read new cookery books, watch cookery shows and, of course, I love to eat out!”