Wild garlic is one of our all-time favourite ingredients. It’s seriously delicious, heaps of fun to forage and right on our doorstep – or close enough!

Where to find it

Wild garlic grows in abundance in Ireland, The UK and lots of other countries across Europe and Asia. The herb is most commonly found in shaded wooded areas.

How to harvest it

Use scissors to cut what you need. This promotes wild garlic growth and will stop you from accidentally pulling roots.

What does it taste like?

Like garlic – but with a lighter, fresher and sweeter flavour.

Wild garlic, like any herb, can be enjoyed cooked or raw. Here are a handful of our favourite ways to use it…


Make wild garlic pesto

An Easy Food staple that’s so versatile. Spread it on sandwiches, use it to dress salads, or add it to pasta for a quick and easy mid-week meal. Find our favourite wild garlic pesto recipe here.

Try it in salads

For a punchy kick, toss your salad greens with wild garlic leaves.

Add it to your favourite dips

Wild garlic makes a tasty addition to mayonnaise and hummus. Discover our recipe for wild garlic mayonnaise right here.

the wild garlic mayonnaise

Prep some wild garlic butter

Sub wild garlic leaves for regular garlic cloves when making garlic butter. You can freeze wild garlic butter like you would regular garlic butter, so you can enjoy the herb well into the summer.

Whip up some wild garlic and potato soup

A tasty soup that’s ideal for spring picnics or a nutritious lunch. Check out our tried and tested recipe here.