In our opinion, the best thing about roast chicken is the leftover roast chicken. And what’s not to like? Just pull apart the leftover meat and use it in salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches…you get the idea.

Pulled chicken adds a meaty bite to, well, just about anything, and happily takes on whatever flavour you’re using in your dish. Leftover chicken will keep for a few days in the fridge in an air-tight container, so it makes an ideal stand-by for quick-fix meals. Even if you’re not on for a roast, we recommend cooking a full chicken (or just fillets or thighs, whichever you prefer) for the leftovers alone. Read on for some of our favourite ways to transform leftover chicken into stellar mid-week meals.

Roast chicken salad with pumpkin seed pesto

This crunchy salad is full of protein and the pesto brings this to max flavour levels. Any extra pesto will keep in the fridge for up to four days.

Chicken Caesar wraps

If you like Caesar salad, you’ll love these wraps, perfect for lunch or a light dinner. If you’d prefer a lighter alternative to the classic Caesar dressing, use plain yoghurt in place of the mayonnaise.

Quick chicken noodle soup

This wholesome soup is good for the soul and a great one-pot midweek meal for the family.

Puff pastry tart with roast veggies and chicken

We love how puff pastry can bring any combination of ingredients together into a thing of beauty. Use whatever veggies you have on hand to whip up this tart, perfect as both a shareable summer party dish or a special Tuesday dinner.

Chicken & goats cheese sandwich with purple slaw

Who needs a chicken fillet roll when you can make this in less time than it takes to queue at the deli counter?