5 ice cream recipes sure to put you in holiday mode


    Nothing says summer like ice cream! Whether on the beach, heading out for a picnic or even just hanging out in the garden, you can always find a reason to enjoy this sweet treat. We’re sure that everyone can find a recipe they love in this collection!

    Homemade vanilla ice cream

    Homemade vanilla ice creamThere’s nothing wrong with a classic! Add some sprinkles or caramel to top it off.

    Three-ingredient strawberry ice cream

    Strawberry Ice cream Easy FoodWant something fruitier than vanilla? We’ve got an easy, three-ingredient ice cream for you! Change up the flavours with other fruits — we love banana, peach or mango!

    Síomha’s vegan coconut ice cream

    Want a vegan option for ice cream? We’ve got you covered here too!

    Gran’s ice cream

    Gran’s ice creamSometimes, you can’t just choose one candy to add to your ice cream! Try out this lovely concoction with your own candy combinations.

    Healthy peach frozen yoghurt

    Healthy peach frozen yoghurt Easy FoodOf course, we have a healthier but just-as-tasty option for you! Try out this frozen treat for a light and fresh summer dessert.


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