Our very best crumble collection!

Rhubarb crumble pie Easy Food

Get ready to cruuuuuumble! The weather has turned, the leaves are changing colour, and there’s a whole new season of fruits to experiment with in the kitchen. It’s time to get out the cozy socks, put on the kettle, and get ready for warm desserts by the fireside. And what better dessert for that, than the humble crumble? Since there are so many ways to make it, we thought we’d share with you some of our best-loved crumbly creations to keep you inspired all season long. Enjoy!


Nothing beats a good old fashioned traditional apple crumble, sometimes it’s nice to start with the basics.

Perfect apple crumble Easy Food
Traditional apple crumble

With a tart and zest filling, this rhubarb and strawberry crumble will have your taste buds dancing.

Rhubarb crumble pie Easy Food recipe
Rhubarb and strawberry crumble

Where pie meets crumble is a delicious intersection. These individual rhubarb and raspberry crumble pies take warm desserts to the next level and are perfect for wintertime entertaining.

rhubarb raspberry crumble pies
Individual rhubarb and raspberry crumble pies

If you’re aiming to impress, this soft and gooey apple crumble layer cake is just the thing!

Apple crumble cake easy food
Apple crumble cake


This salted caramel apple walnut crumble is little piece of heaven in every mouthful!

Salted caramel apple crumble easy food
Salted caramel apple crumble easy food

The secret ingredient in these plum and blackberry crumbles is balsamic vinegar, and believe us when we tell you, they taste extra special!

Plum_Blackberry_Crumble_Easy Food
Individual plum and blackberry crumbles


This delightful peach crumble will have you peachy keen for seconds!

Peach crumble Easy Food
Peach crumble

And just in case you love crumble SO much you want to be able to enjoy it any time of the day, here’s a couple of handy crumble based traybakes that are sure to keep you going.


Softly spiced and beautifully nutty, these apple crumble bars are the perfect anytime treat!

Apple crumble bars
Apple crumble bars


If you love peanut butter and jam together, then these crumbly jam and peanut butter bars are perfect for you!

Peanut butter jam bars Easy Food
Peanut butter and jam bars

With over 25,000 views on our website, these apple crumble flapjacks have proved themselves quite the crowd-favourite bake!

Apple crumble flapjacks Easy Food
Apple crumble flapjacks