We always love giving and receiving edible gifts for Christmas — they have a personal touch that shop-bought gifts just can’t beat. This year, budgets will be tighter for many of us than usual, making homemade gifts an even more appealing option. If you’re looking for inspiration for some of the food-lovers in your life, read on…

For the sweet tooth

Christmas biscuits are always a winner. Try these pistachio, cranberry and white chocolate biccies, or go gluten-free with this clever mint chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you know someone who's addicted to eating cookie dough, make them this version that's designed to be munched on without baking!
Edible chocolate chip cookie dough Easy Food

For the baking enthusiast

This gingerbread cookie mix is a cute gift for the baker in your life. Add handwritten instructions, and a ribbon or bow if you're feeling fancy!

gingerbread make gift Easy Food

Flavoured sugars make a good gift for bakers, too — a fun way to add extra 'oomph' to their favourite recipes.

For the little ones

Kids will be delighted with the sweet-meets-salty flavour of this homemade toffee popcorn!

Toffee popcorn - Easy Food

For the home cook

Looking for something for the passionate cook in your life? Try these infused oils — perfect for drizzling over focaccia, dipping bread or jazzing up any salad dressings. Lovers of spicy food will adore this homemade hot sauce.

Homemade hot sauce Easy Food

For the fancy pants

Have a friend with a sophisticated palate? Why not make a batch of this almond liqueur, ideal for an after-dinner drink, or keep things simple and tasty with these sweet spiced cashews. Alternatively, go all out with this marinated goat's cheese, complete with homemade crackers — the lucky recipients are bound to be impressed.

Marinated goats cheese gift Easy Food

For even more ideas, find our previous edible gift collections here and here, with inspiring homemade options from spiced clementine-infused gin to apple plum chutney.

Wrap it up right

Presentation is half the impact of any present. Click here for our top tips on making your edible gifts look as gorgeous as possible.

For even more ideas, pick up this year's Easy Food Christmas Annual, in shops now!