Infused oils are so easy to make and will jazz up any salad dressing in an instant. They are also perfect for drizzling on focaccia or even as a bread dip. We’ve used some Irish rapeseed oil in these recipes, but you can use any oil you like. The oils will take some time to infuse, but once they’re ready they will last for months.

  • Warm a 250ml of oil in a saucepan over a medium heat.

  • Add the flavouring of your choice, cover the pan with a lid and allow to sit for 5-6 hours. If you like, you can pass the oil through a strainer to remove the bits before pouring into a clean oil bottle.

For chilli oil: add 4 tbsp dried chilli flakes

For garlic oil: add 4-5 garlic cloves, crushed

For any oil infused with hard woody herbs such as rosemary, thyme or bay: add 5-6 sprigs

For lemon oil: Peel the zest of two lemons, being careful not to include the white pith