8 healthy snacks to snack on anytime

8 healthy snacks to snack on anytime_easyfood

The pandemic changed all of our lives drastically. And now that we’re spending a lot more time at home, we have an endless supply of snacks to our disposal.

So if you want to maybe look at some healthier snacks to snack on, we have the answer. Here are eight healthy ways to keep your snacking game as healthy as possible.

Healthy snacks_hummus_easyfoodHummus

Not only is this a delicious dip that goes with almost anything, it’s also packed with protein which means it’ll keep you feeling full for longer. Pair it with your favourite wholewheat flatbread, cracker or veggies. Or try one of these 5 ways with hummus.

Also try making one of these flavours:

Strawberry fruit salad with honey yoghurt_healthy snacks_easyfoodStrawberry fruit salad with honey yoghurt

Colourful and sweet. Nibble on this when hunger strikes, or if you’re in the mood for something sweet after dinner. It’s packed with vitamins and the protein from the yoghurt will help keep you saturated.

Healthy snacks_feta-stuffed falafels_easyfoodFeta-stuffed falafels

If you’re mood to snack on something salty, this is it! You’ll absolutely love the spices used in this recipe.

Healthy snacks_crunchy dark chocolate quinoa bark_easyfoodCrunchy quinoa dark chocolate bark

Another great option if you have a sweet tooth. The quinoa is filled with lots of proteins and the berries and other fruit used in this will help to make your immune system a bit stronger.

Healthy snacks_perfect poached eggs_easyfoodPerfect poached eggs

Whether it’s for breakfast or just a quick snack to keep you until the next meal, a poached egg is the perfect snack. Enjoy it with avo toast, in a salad or dip some crackers into the oozing yellowy goodness!

Kale and quinoa fritters with mozzarella_healthy snacks_easyfoodKale and quinoa fritters with mozzarella

A great snack you can make at the beginning of the week and keep it in the fridge for when you have a snack attack.

Quick asian fish cakes_healthy snacks_easyfoodQuick Asian fish cakes

Packed with protein and omega fatty acids. Your body will be happy to digest these babies.

Other snack options_healthy snacks_easyfoodOther snack options

It’s so easy to make healthy snacks you can enjoy later in the week. Here are more options, including root veggie chips and courgette butter.