In our humble opinion, it’s just not Christmas without a good cheeseboard! Since everyone has different taste, we’ve put together serving suggestions for three different strengths of cheeseboard, as well as a cheesy showstopper!

So, with a cheeseboard for all and for all a good bite, here we go with the Easy Food beginner’s cheeseboard!

Beginner’s Cheeseboard

Toonsbridge Mozzarella

This quality Irish-made buffalo Mozzarella is a young, fresh cheese with a beautifully soft, loose texture, mild enough for any palate. We love it with sun-dried tomatoes and hunks of rustic baguette.

Note – this cheese contains unpasteurised milk and is not recommended for consumption during pregnancy.

Bluebell Falls goat’s cheese

A soft goat’s cheese with a delicate milky flavour, a log of Bluebell Falls is perfect for a beginner’s cheeseboard. Try the natural version or add extra interest with their honey, garlic and thyme variety.

Wicklow Bán

A Brie-style cheese produced in Ireland, this is a double-cream beauty with a less pungent aroma than that associated with its traditional French counterparts.

Gorgonzola Dolce

Gorgonzola Dolce is the sweeter, milder cousin of the powerful Gorgonzola Piccante, a good place to start with blue cheese. If you’re looking for something even milder, we suggest Cambozola, a winning combination of classic Gorgonzola and creamy Camembert.

Carrigaline Farmhouse cheese with garlic and herbs 

If you want something a little more interesting than an ordinary Cheddar, try this semi-hard cheese with a rich, buttery texture, subtly flavoured with garlic and herbs.

For more tips on assembling and serving a cheeseboard, check this out!